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All about Trinity R14 Desktop on PCLinuxOS 2015 and Beyond!

This is a community respin of the PCLinuxOS Distribution created by Texstar and relies heavily on the PCLinuxOS repositories along with the repositories of the Trinity Desktop Enviroment.
The TDE Community Edition came about when I asked in the forum whether it was all right for me to create a Trinity desktop respin. Permission was given and the TDE version of PCLinuxOS was born.
Shortly afterwards a forum member wanted to create a "mini-me" version. so around April 2015 we created the first 2 ISO's Reelcat created the mini-me and I created the Big Daddy.
For those wondering (all 2 of you) who may be wondering why "mini-me" and "big daddy" are named so, it's because early KDE3 versions of PCLinuxOS were named Minime and Big Daddy
"Mini-me" is the cut down version of the distro with very little installed by default so the user can install exactly what he/she wishes and is already familiar with either PCLinuxOS or Linux as a whole
"Big Daddy" on the other hand comes with applications already installed, like Libre Office, Gimp, VLC and some of the larger programs along with some other utils not found on the smaller ISO.

We hope you enjoy this community versions of PClinuxOS and we are both very happy to help with any issues in the PCLinuxOS forum as listed on the top left of this and the main page